Andrea Clanetti (1967) is a figurative painter. Born in Venice (Italy), he  moved to Brussels
in 2007 where he has been living ever since. His work is displayed in solo and collective
shows. Since 2010 he is a permanent artist at the art gallery L’Entrepôt, in Monaco
(Monte-Carlo), France.

Clanetti draws inspiration from street and Pop art, but tries to seize the reverse side of pop
light motives. Some of his work has been described as “dark” Pop art. His early production
echoes the lasting impression made on him by Emilio Vedova’s late paintings and Informal art.

Cinematographic mythology and film icons are an unfailing source of inspiration. His
compositions strive to capture a moment of suspended reality, often reaching for an emotion
more than a narrative.

His imagery is sourced in stratified memories of movie stills, cartoons and old drawings.
In recent works his inspiration comes from snapshots he collects from newspapers.

Clanetti uses acrylics, watercolor, India ink, charcoal and pastel on canvas or wood.


Solo Exhibitions

Andrea Clanetti – Galérie Virginie Barrou Planquart, Paris (May 2013)
Andrea Clanetti Santarossa – Banca Monte Paschi Belgio, Brussels (March 2009)
And Now ? – PiolaLibri, Brussels (June 2009)
Do you like Movies ? – PiolaLibri, Brussels (June 2008)

Group Exhibitions

SUPER “Z” HEROES – Heart Gallery, Mons, Belgium (Oct. Nov 2014)
Piret and Clanetti –
FT Galérie, Couillet, Belgium (Sep. 2014)
Mauviel M’Cook’ Art
art auction, Galérie Chaon, Paris (Sep. 2014)
– Artemptetion, Brussels (April 2013)
AAF- Affordable Art Faire – with Galérie Virginie Barrou Planquart, London (March 2013)
AAF- Affordable Art Faire – with Galérie Virginie Barrou Planquart, Brussels (Feb. 2013)
Téléthon Monaco – charity art auction, Théléton, Monaco, France (Dec. 2012)
Mauviel M’Cook’ Art – art auction, Galérie Chaon, Paris (Nov. 2012)
Borderline –  Galérie Artemptetion, Brussels (June 2012)
ART’tistik – charity art auction, Association Adrien, Cannes, France (May 2012)
Obsession figurative: No way out – Galérie L’Entrepôt, Monaco, France (April 2012)
Melange – Galérie L’Entrepôt, Monaco, France (June 2011)
Nicy Town – art exhibition and auction, Nicy Town, Brussels (June 2011)
Krak – Du Pop au StreetArt – Galérie L’Entrepôt, Monaco, France (July 2011)
BRAFA– Brussels Antiques and Fine Art Fair, with Galerie 9ème Art, Brussels (Jan. 2011)
Art’n bloom ! – Hôtel Bloom, Brussels (Dic. 2010)
ChatelainArt Exhibition – Heroines Gallery, Brussels (Sep. – Oct. 2010)
Art Bastards – Heroines Gallery, Brussels (June 2010)
43 artistes pour Haïti – art auction at the Salle des Variétés, Monaco, France (March 2010)
American Dream – Entrepôt Royal – Tour et Taxi, Brussels (Feb. 2010)
Truc Troc Bozar – Palais des Beaux Arts, Brussels (Jan. – Feb. 2009)
Collettiva, Fondazione Bevilaqua la Masa, Venice, Italy (1985, 1986 and 1999)